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Your Winter Maintenance Checklist

Your new home will require some seasonal maintenance to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Here are a few tips from the experts on our Customer Care team that will help lower your utility bills and protect your biggest investment.

Download our Winter Maintenance Checklist and never miss a step again.

  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (monthly).
  • Change furnace filter.
  • Check exterior electrical GFCI outletsand reset to make sure they are working before the holiday lights are installed.
  • Clean up A thorough cleaning shouldn’t only be done in the spring. Get rid of any excess at this time of year, such as the accumulation of old newspapers and any leftover hazardous household chemicals. Store flammable materials and poisons in approved, clearly labeled containers. Keep a clear space around heaters, furnaces, and other heat-producing appliances.

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